Power*e™ Glass

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Feel the Heat

It's elemental.  Windows are meant to keep the weather out and you comfortable.  However, studies show that windows are the largest source of a building's heat loss and drafts - and consequent cause of thermal discomfort. 

Power*e Glass solves this problem by using a safe electric current to increase the temperature of the entire inside glass pane of windows and partitions.  By increasing a window’s temperature, Power*e Glass heats and insulates - stopping heat loss at the point where it occurs.

A New Window on the World

Power*e Glass windows are enhanced industry standard two pane insulated glass units that dynamically create an efficient thermal barrier at the windows.  

Independent tests show that a Power*e Glass heating system:

• Provides better thermal comfort than other heating systems

• Uses substantially less power than conventional heating systems.

Power*e Glass Can Do More for You

Power*e Glass is a green technology that can save power and money.  By eliminating and reducing heat loss, Power*e Glass can:

• Reduce the need for other heating systems

• Reduce the energy used for heating

• Reduce your heating costs

• Enable lower room air temperatures

• Eliminate condensation and fogging on windows.

ASHRAE 90.1 Standard for Envelope Energy Usage showing average heat loss sources (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)

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